Document control specialists help government agencies and engineering firms keep records and documents in order, manage them, and keep track of them. They also make sure that the documents are correct and that they keep their quality and honesty. A document control specialist makes sure that their company’s document retention policies are followed and that documents can be found when they are needed. They also store records and documents that are no longer in use.

A specialist in document control needs to pay attention to the details. Many people who work in document control are in charge of reading contracts between their company and clients word for word to make sure that both sides have the same information. Document control specialists also have to take care of the software that is used to manage the documents of an organization. They make sure the system works as it should, and if there are any problems, they tell the IT department.

Maintain the Document Control System, which includes tasks related to the approval and release of documents, the upkeep of archival records, the upkeep of the drawing vault, and all other tasks related to the traceability of documented information.

Having responsibilities and duties

◉ Helps the Documentation department with administrative tasks in an ISO/AS environment.

◉ Prepare the paperwork for approval and send it out to be approved and released into the system.

◉ Keep the drawing portal running and add or change drawings in the ERP (MAS).

◉ Taking care of the training system when the document release process shows that training is needed.

◉ Work with the manager to make sure that written information is kept up-to-date and safe from damage.

◉ Work with the Service Provider to store and retrieve information that is documented and kept off-site.


◉ General skills with computers and writing documents.
◉ Excellent written English skills.
◉ Good communication skills.
◉ Excellent knowledge of general office tools and skills, especially filing and typing.
◉ Ability to understand general engineering documents is a plus.
◉ Work habits and the ability to do more than one thing at once are needed.


◉ Associate degree in a field that is related.
◉ 2–5 years of experience in a similar job.

The Document Control Specialist is a key part of making sure that department projects are successful. The Document Control Specialist will be in charge of keeping a library of project documentation that is well-organized and full of information, mostly using ProjectWise. In an engineering consulting setting, the Document Controls Specialist will be in charge of managing and keeping track of documents that are received, made, or sent out as part of a project.

What you’ll do

◉ Documents in electronic drawing management systems need to be kept, organized, and kept up to date. ProjectWise is a must, and AutoDesk Vault, BIM 360, and SharePoint are nice to have.

◉ Provides full administrative and analytical support for engineering document services on time and on budget.

◉ Shows that they follow the policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines for client-driven engineering document services.

◉ Helps with requests for engineering documents.

◉ Tells the engineering team what the document needs and what the client’s standards are.

◉ Collects information, enters it, and sends it out as needed.

◉ Makes sure that documents sent by others are correct and complete.

◉ Uses interpersonal skills to keep the needs and priorities of all parties in balance.

◉ Communicates with the client’s Document Control Specialists and internal teams in a proactive way to handle the workload and project requests.

◉ Helps make departmental policies, such as those about documentation, storage, and organization.

◉ Starts corrective action to improve efficiency and customer service all the time.

◉ Quality control and quality assurance are done on engineering documents.

◉ Does regular archiving and audits to keep the standards of the document repository up to date.

◉ When necessary, looks into compliance.

◉ Engineering documents are supported, and audits make sure that the documents are correct.

What we want you to do

◉ Needs a high school diploma or the equivalent. Preferably at least an associate degree.

◉ Preferably, you have 2 years of experience with document control in an engineering, construction, or technical office.

◉ Demonstrated skill at analyzing data, finding and fixing problems, and writing clear, concise reports that highlight the most important issues.

◉ Experience with Microsoft Office Applications (i.e. Excel, Word, etc.).

◉ Strong oral and written communication and organization skills.

◉ A lot of care for the details.

◉ Ability to understand different kinds of written, spoken, diagrammatic, or timed instructions.

◉ Ability to work on more than one thing at once and set priorities.

◉ Must be willing to put in extra hours if they are needed.

◉ Being able to work as a team across different departments.

◉ Must have permission to live and work in the US for good.

This job needs a hands-on, self-starting individual who can work on and keep track of a lot of tasks in a fast-paced environment with little supervision. Helping to write other documents (like R&D documents, country registration documents, etc.) so that they are compliant, easy to use, and complete is also part of the job.

Having responsibilities and duties

◉ Engineering document assembly, control of changes, and archiving of the Document Control Library.

◉ Change Control process needs to be taken care of and improved all the time.

◉ Helps put together documents for regulatory submissions and talks to customers when necessary.

◉ Daily communication with internal and external engineering, R&D, manufacturing operations, materials management, program management, and quality groups and individuals, as well as support for documentation and compliance.

◉ For GMP compliance, Batch Records and Device History Records need to be looked at and kept.

◉ Write or update QMS elements, procedures, processes, forms, and templates for R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, etc.

◉ Helps with regular inspections of manufacturing areas to make sure they are run and managed according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and safety rules.

◉ Lead projects that improve and make QA/QC work better.

◉ Make, keep, and report on metrics for tracking the QMS’s performance and its trends.

◉ Help with audits from regulators, customers, internal teams, and notified bodies.

◉ Help move QMS from a manual, shared-drive setup to a specialized medical device enterprise management system.

◉ May do notary work if it’s needed.

◉ All other jobs that quality/regulatory management tells and asks for.

Guidelines for qualifications, education, and experience

◉ At least one year of experience as a technical writer, but three years is better.
◉ Some experience leading projects or training in how to do so.
◉ It is best to know the rules for ISO and/or FDA quality systems.
◉ Some experience with a company that makes medical devices is a plus.
◉ Very strong PC skills. Skilled with MS Office programs.
◉ It’s best if you know how to use SolidWorks or a similar CAD program.

In the United States, the average salary for a document control specialist is $62,500. The salary for a position will depend on experience, education, the size of the company, the industry, and the market.

Location – Salary Low – Salary High

Phoenix, Arizona – $62,150 to $84,100
Los Angeles, California – $70,150 to $94,900
Denver, Colorado – $58,450 to $79,050
Washington, DC – $71,200 to $96,300
Miami, Florida – $58,150 to $78,700
Orlando, Florida – $53,650 to $72,600
Tampa, Florida – $54,200 to $73,300
Atlanta, Georgia – $56,850 to $76,900
Chicago, Illinois – $65,350 to $88,400
Boston, Massachusetts – $70,650 to $95,600
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota – $56,300 to $76,200
New York City, New York – $74,400 to $100,650
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $60,550 to $81,950
Dallas, Texas – $58,950 to $79,800
Houston, Texas – $58,450 to $79,050
Seattle, Washington – $68,000 to $92,000
National Average – $62,150 to $71,900

Interview Questions Sample

◉ How do you keep up with changes and the best ways to manage documents?

◉ What’s an effective way you’ve found to make sure records and paperwork are in line with regulations?

◉ What is a good plan you’ve used to keep track of documentation?

◉ Have you ever made a suggestion that made the management system better? How did things turn out?

◉ Do you have any experience with document processing, copying, distributing, or storing that involves security surveillance?

◉ What would you think about when choosing a new digital system for managing documents?

◉ What is a good way to analyze and make sense of legal access to secure content?

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