What does software for document control do?

With document control software, documents about production, manufacturing, regulations, and quality are sorted and labeled. This system lets users find documents related to a certain topic without having to look through their email inboxes and file trees.

How does the software for a document control system work?

The software for a document control system works by collecting metadata about the creation of documents. For example, a training document would keep track of who made it, who checked and approved it, what its approval status is, and who has permission to view, change, or delete it. This feature makes it easy for users to find the document and replace it with a newer version when they need to.

What are some of the more advanced features of software for document control systems?

The software for a document control system may have a number of advanced features. The first is access control, which is the ability to limit who can see a document based on their role in an organization. Automation is another feature that is very advanced. You could use this to automatically send the right training documents to new hires once they’ve been brought on. Last, collaboration features let a group of employees review and approve something without having to worry about version control.

How can a system for keeping track of documents help with compliance and efficiency?

System for keeping track of documents makes it easy to store and find documents. For example, if you’re being audited, you’ll be able to get documents right away that have to do with the process being audited. You’ll save hours because you won’t have to look for those documents by hand, and you won’t leave anything out by accident.

What are the benefits of software for keeping track of documents?

A big benefit of document control software is that it can automatically pull out and replace all materials that are out of date. Because of this benefit, there is less chance that a worker will accidentally use an old production manual, which could stop important processes. In short, better control of documents directly leads to safer and more productive workers.

How does keeping track of documents make management more productive?

Document control makes workers more productive in a number of ways:

◉ It saves hours searching for documents.
◉ It makes the review and approval process easier, which speeds up the creation of documents.
◉ It makes sure that workers follow the same safety rules and processes, which speeds up production on the factory floor.

What kind of software for a document control system do I need?

What kind of document control you need will depend on the industry you work in. More documents will need to be stored and found if your industry has stricter rules. A company that makes products for the life sciences might need a more complex document control system than a CPG company.

Is it easy to use this software?

Yes, especially compared to the jobs it takes the place of. Sorting through databases, file shares, and email threads to find the documents you need could take hours or even days. Using document control makes it possible to find these documents in minutes and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

Does this software work with other kinds of technology?

The software for document control connects to other QMS and outside applications, such as CRM, ERP, and ServiceDesk. This integration lets it get good information made somewhere else in the company and sort it so it can be used later.

Is document control software secure?

Role-based access control is a security method that is often used in document control software (RBAC). With this method, a user’s role in the company determines whether they can see, change, or delete a document. A regular line worker probably wouldn’t be able to change a document about training, but their supervisor might be able to. This feature helps keep documents safe and correct, which protects people’s privacy and makes workers safer.

What is the best software for keeping track of documents?

ETQ Reliance NXG has a powerful document control application with powerful automation, security, version control, and other features. With Reliance NXG, quality managers can use document control as a single source of truth for critical data. This makes sure that important business documents are always up to date and never get lost.

What kinds of software are used by Document Controllers?

Most of the time, document control software is used with software for quality management (QMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and Service Desk. Because these applications produce a lot of important information about compliance and operations, document control must integrate with them and capture their output.


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