Lean Production | What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing, also called lean production, is based on a simple idea: work hard to get rid of waste in the manufacturing process.

Waste is any action that doesn’t add value from the point of view of the customer. According to research done by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC), 60 percent of production activities in a typical manufacturing operation are waste because they don’t add any value to the customer.

The good news is that almost every company has a huge chance to get better by getting rid of waste, using lean manufacturing techniques, and other best practices for making things.

Lean manufacturing is a set of techniques that lets you make better products for much less money. That’s something to be happy about!

It can be hard to find reliable, well-written information about how to improve manufacturing techniques. So, our goal is to give you the best source of easy-to-understand information that will help you make your manufacturing operations more efficient, effective, and profitable.

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